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Dr Blau, Esq., began her career as a speech therapist and has been working in the field of augmentative communication, curriculum development and habilitation program customization for the last 35 years. She has worked with children and adults with a wide range of disabilities, often with those that had no speech what so ever, whose cognitive potential was severely questioned and for whom there was often felt to be no hope. Yet time and again, she has successfully found means to access the hidden talents of her clients, and show that that were endless opportunities for their growth and community inclusion. As such, she brings a wealth of experience in creating technological solutions and clinical techniques that foster each individual’s highest level of functioning. In addition to her illustrious career as a rehabilitation specialist, she is also a respected expert witness and attorney, with various publications in the area of legal entitlements to appropriate services.

Dr. Rifkin has been involved in both the research and clinical aspects of Developmental, Cognitive and Neuropsychology for close to thirty years and has been collaborating with Dr. Blau for much of that time. Dr. Rifkin officially joined Dr. Blau in their present practice about 15 years ago and has been working with both children and adults with cognitive, behavioral and physical challenges. To add to his unique qualifications, he also has an impressive knowledge of technological solutions and is in the process of developing specialized software for cognitive mapping.

With their diverse background and interests, Dr. Blau and Dr. Rifkin bring an extraordinary vision to clinical applications.

Dr. Andrea Blau & Associates, 575 Madison Ave Suite 1006, New York NY 10022